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A young and dynamic staff working to offer the highest standards of quality and safety to your flights

Total Fly is a company specialized in aircraft brokerage born in 2011 from the idea of Davide Strinna, founder and CEO of the company, in collaboration with other professionals of the aviation industry.

Our mission is to make the private aviation sector accessible to everyone, reducing costs and facilitating the approach by focusing on the needs of the customer.

Thanks to the collaboration with the best aviation partners and ground service providers, we can offer a 360 degrees experience from flight planning to the organization of the stay in the destination.

Our services are addressed not only to the business sector, but also to companies, travel agencies, tour operators, sports teams, institutions and public and private organizations.

Focus on service and safety

To make the flying experience comfortable, but above all, safe, we analyze and organize all the phases of the activity in compliance with quality and safety standards.

We select and work only with qualified and certified airline operators with the best reputation on the market. With the same criterion we select the best airport handlers who can guarantee the necessary reception and assistance before and after the flight.

Particular attention is paid to the compliance with the hygienic and social rules dictated by the provisions in place in the various states for the prevention of infection by Covid-19.

What do we do?


are created to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers

For individuals:

Flights with Private Aircrafts

Management of private flights in Italy and abroad with aircraft type Jet or Turboprop from 4 to 19 seats.

Helicopter Flights

Organizing transfer flights and helicopter tours in Italy and abroad


We offer Concierge services to our customers to organize their trip in every detail, including hotel reservations, car rental, sightseeing tours, events.

Weddings and other ceremonies

Air transportation of groups for weddings and other celebrations.

Air Ambulance

Medical transport of patients on stretchers with and without accompanying medical staff. Transport of urgent medicines.  

For Businesses:

Business Flights

Organization of individual or group business flights by private and commercial aircraft.

Charter flights for Travel Agencies and T.O.

Management of charter flights “ad hoc” or in series for Leisure, Business, Ethnic or Religious traffic, with commercial Jet or Turboprop aircrafts with capacity from 19 up to more than 300 seats.

Cargo Flights

Management of flights for national and international transport of perishable and non-perishable goods, with capacity from 1 to more than 200 tons.

Sports Clubs

Organization of national and international air transfers for sports clubs and fans.

Musical Groups

Transfers for musical groups and orchestras with and without instruments.


Organization of flights for events, meetings, fairs, concerts, product launches, promotional flights and incentives.

For Aircraft Operators:

OCC Services

Flight plans, overflight permits, load plans, dispatch, SLOT coordination, roastering.

Ground Handling

Management of passenger and aircraft handling for domestic and international flights. Catering services and flight supervision.

Fuel Supplies

Management of fuel supply on all domestic and international airports.

Aircraft Leasing

Aircraft research and contracting for ACMI, Wet, Dry, Dump leases.

Aircraft Maintenance

Contract management for aircraft maintenance programs.

Manuals and Procedures

Creating and updating manuals and procedures.


GSA services for commercial management in the various distribution channels for scheduled flights in Italy and abroad.

Pilots and Cabin Crew

Search, selection and training of flight crews and ground personnel.

Consulting and Marketing

Consulting services for airlines in the market and for start-ups. Marketing and PR services.

What have we accomplished?


are measured by the successes achieved for our customers that translated into numbers are:

more than
passengers transported
more than
flights completed
more than
flight hours
nations reached

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