On our tenth anniversary, we introduce the new affiliation program, thanks to which you can become part of the Total Fly world.

The program is open to all, but is particularly aimed at those who occasionally need to book private, charter or cargo flights for their clients.

If you are a receptionist, travel agent or concierge, our program is for you!

Register for free as an Affiliate and start earning “Fly Coins” right away.

To start earning “Fly Coins” refer customers to us and you will receive 1 “Fly Coin” every 100 euros* spent by the customer you referred.

The “Fly Coins” accumulated can be spent in our Online Shop to buy products or Total Fly Gift Cards worth 3000, 5000 up to 10000 euros.

Take a look at our Online Shop to see the catalog of prizes.

Alternatively, if you have accumulated at least 500 “Fly Coins”, you can choose to receive the equivalent in cash. For each “Fly Coin” you will receive 1 euro.

Become an affiliate, register to our program in a few clicks by filling out the following form.

*The amount on which the percentage of the commission is calculated is intended to be net of VAT

What do you earn?

You earn Fly Coins with which you can buy products dedicated to affiliates in our Online Shop, Gift Cards or you can fly on a private jet!

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