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Ground Handling

Ground Handling Services

Total Fly Ground Handling Services

Ground Handling

Our global network of ground handling agents works to provide you with handling services for your aircraft in any airport worldwide with a consistent high standard of service and competitive prices.

Our experienced and fully trained staff follow the best practices in the industry. We focus on efficiency and accuracy to ensure that our services are completely safely and on time.

We include the following ground handling services:

  • Full Passengers Handling Services (Check-in, boarding and baggage handling)
  • Full Cargo and Commercial Ground Handling Services
  • Airside and groundside crew transportation
  • VIP ramp transportation
  • Terminal and FBO security services
  • De-icing service
  • Aircraft Internal and External Cleaning
  • Aircraft Lavatory and Potable Water service
  • Catering supply
  • Aircraft Loading/Offloading. (Conveyor belt, loading platforms, ULDs)
  • Fuel supply and fuel coordination
  • PRM equipment
  • Aircraft security
  • Airport Business and VIP Lounges

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