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Aviation Manuals and Procedures Writing and Updating Services

Total Fly Manuals and Procedures

Manuals and Procedures

Total Fly team of professionals have years of experience in creation and updating of manuals and procedures for aviation purpose.

We can provide you new or revised the following Manuals:

  • General Operational Policy Manual

  • Operational Manual – General (OM Part- A)

  • Operational Manual – Routes (OM Part- C)

  • Flight Dispatch and Training Manual (FDT)

  • Ground Operations Manual (GOM)

  • Passenger Handling Manual (PHM)

  • Baggage Claim Manual (BCM)

  • Flight Service Manual (FSM)

  • Safety Equipment Procedure Manual (SEP/SPM)

  • TGS Operations and Maintenance Manual (TMM)

  • Medical Services – Drug and Alcohol Testing Programme (DATP)

  • Corporate Quality Assurance Manual (CQAM)

  • Passenger Handling Service – Quality Assurance (PHQAM)

and more…

The manuals will be written in compliance with the Operator and respective Aviation Authority requirements.

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