Booking a private flight is becoming increasingly simple, thanks to the spread of information and images online that facilitate the choice. However, not all customers are able to evaluate the best offer and conditions. This is where the broker comes into play: working for the customer and not for the airlines, the broker offers the passenger his experience to find the ideal solution.

The purpose of the broker is to create a long-lasting relationship with his clients, getting to know them by interpreting their needs and desires. Through this approach, the broker gets to know the client’s tastes and needs. The relationship with the client helps the broker to identify the preferred type of aircraft, whether he needs transportation to and from the airport, what kind of catering he wants on board and whether he wants a cabin crew.

The broker also knows the customer’s schedule, whether he is on time or late, whether he is reliable or not, whether he always travels the same routes and any other travel habits. In short, knowing and satisfying the client is the “mission” of every broker who intends to do this job seriously. In the same way the client, after the first flights, learns to know the broker and recognizes his reliability, seriousness and safety.

Getting to know each other has a number of advantages such as:

  • save time in searching for the right aircraft
  • save time in booking procedures
  • save time in the boarding process and in all the complicated series of activities that are necessary to make a flight safe and comfortable.

Such a relationship is difficult to establish with an airline that is unlikely to know the client so well and, at the same time, has less flexibility in the choice of aircraft and their availability. Once the client is sure that the broker is the best choice, he will have to evaluate who to trust.

Surely the first evaluation is made on the basis of interpersonal relationships, which allow then to evaluate the experience, reliability, honesty of the broker.

To Total Fly, aviation is not only a profession, but above all a passion, and we prove it with our dedication and reliability towards our customers.

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