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Charter for travel agencies and T.O.

Travel agencies and Tour Operators turn to us for the organization of their charter flights, preferring our solutions thanks to the seriousness and professionalism that characterize us.

The charter flight guarantees a customization of services, schedules and destinations, in order to facilitate the organization of the entire package.

In addition, the choice of aircraft is made by taking into account the number of passengers in order to optimize costs and consumption.

We can organize flights up to a capacity of 500 passengers for international and intercontinental routes. 

We take care of the airport procedures collaborating with the best international handlers. 

Total Fly collaborates only with consolidated airlines that guarantee the maximum seriousness and security, and in possession of all the requisites required by the regulations in force regarding air transport.  

Sports teams

In the last year more and more sports teams have relied on private aviation for the greater safety of the athletes. Total Fly, for years, has been planning the transfers of the teams and their staff to any destination. 

Thanks to the experience gained, we pay particular attention to the procedures of embarkation and disembarkation, special catering menus, loading and unloading of sports equipment and, on request, we can also arrange the transfer to and from the airport. 

We also provide charters for the transfer of fans of the teams, taking care of timing, organization and security.

Special flights

Total Fly is specialized in organizing special charter flights to satisfy any need:

  • Transfers for sports teams and fans
  • Events, congresses, meetings, launching of new products
  • Military transfers of personnel and vehicles
  • Medical evacuations
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