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Commercial Jets Charters

We provide the right sized solution for Groups, Sports Teams, Company and Events Travels

Charter Flights with high standards

Dozens of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators have decided to collaborate with us for the organization of their charter flights, thanks to the punctuality and seriousness that has distinguished us for years.

Total Fly only collaborates with consolidated airlines that guarantee maximum seriousness and safety in every type of operation, and which are in possession of all the requisites required by current air transport regulations.

Safety & ComfortAll Around the Globe

Thanks to the excellent cooperation with all the biggest players in the aviation business worldwide, Total Fly can assure the highest standards in terms of safety and comfort for your passengers for any charter flight you need all around the globe. We can provide aircraft up to 500 passengers to reach any destination you need.

We will take care about all the details of the flight, working in synergy with the airport managements, the best handlers that will provide assistance to the passengers from their arrival at the airport until the boarding is closed, and the aviation authorities in every country to have in the shortest time every authorization we need.

In order to have the maximum control over the operations and avoid unmotivated delays, we can count on a network of airport supervisors in the most important airports in the World

Total Fly Commercial Jet Charters

Sport Teams

Total Fly have years of experience in organizing trips for sport teams. We can design the right flight to carry athletes and their staff to any destination with special care for the boarding and disembarkation procedures, special catering menus, loading and unloading of the sport equipment, and upon request we can also organize the transfer from and to the airport.

We provide also charter for the transfer of the supporters of the teams, taking care of any aspect that this kind of operation requires in order of timing, organization and safety.

Commercial Aircraft Charter

Special Flights

Our flights will match the requests of politic and entertainment public figures, military movements, medical evacuations, marine searches, fire fighting, tourism, commerce, and hundreds of team and their supporters.

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