Private Jets

The premier solution for those seeking comfort, flexibility, speed, safety, and discretion. Renting a private jet is an exclusive way of traveling, a choice of style.

Private Jets

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Private Jets: We care about the details

Total Fly is the perfect solution for those seeking comfort, flexibility, speed, safety, and discretion. Renting a private jet offers an exclusive and personalized travel experience, tailored to the needs of each passenger.
We take care of every detail of the journey, from booking to arrival at the destination. Our services are characterized by high-quality standards, guaranteed by the competence and experience of our team.
In particular, renting a private jet with Total Fly offers the possibility of customizing the flight based on each passenger’s needs, thanks to our attention to detail and the modern standards of the world of private aviation. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive concierge service that takes care of all the necessary bookings and services to ensure maximum comfort and reduce stress from the moment of departure.
On board, passengers can enjoy high-quality catering, with particular attention to dietary requirements. The flight attendant will always be available to ensure maximum comfort and serve meals and drinks at the desired time.
In short, renting a private jet with Total Fly means traveling in total comfort and safety, accompanied by an expert team attentive to every need of our clients.
Voli con Jet Privati

Relying on a broker means saving time and money, with the guarantee of always getting the best possible service.

Organizing a private jet trip requires expertise and competence to meet the client’s needs. If you have little time and flexibility, rely on Total Fly, the ideal broker to get the best possible service while saving time and money.

Private jet flights guarantee maximum flexibility and customization of the trip, with the possibility to choose the type of aircraft, schedule, and destination airport. With Total Fly, you can choose from a wide range of options to find the ideal aircraft for you.

Unlike commercial flights, private jets can land even at smaller airports, which are more convenient for clients as they are closer to the destination and less congested.

By relying on Total Fly, you can enjoy an exclusive and personalized travel experience tailored to your needs. We are here to take care of every detail of your trip, from the moment of booking until arrival at the destination, with high-quality standards guaranteed by the competence and experience of our team

Voli con Jet Privati

A restaurant on board a private jet

Jet Privati Catering

To make your private jet travel a personalized and optimized experience, choose our catering services provided by the best caterers.

We can satisfy every dietary request, starting from basic refreshments to complete meals, from appetizers to desserts, in line with any dietary regime and respecting intolerances, allergies, and religious needs.

The specialized companies we collaborate with will delight you with refined dishes and high-quality ingredients, accompanied by the best wines and spirits from international wineries.

Choose the comfort and high quality of our catering services for an unforgettable private jet travel experience

Concierge Service

With the Concierge service, you will feel pampered and served throughout every stage of your journey.

We can arrange your airport transfer with a limousine or helicopter service, or if you prefer to drive a sports car or a luxurious sedan, we can rent your preferred vehicle for you.

If you want to rest after a long flight, we can arrange a stay at the most luxurious hotels with wellness centers and spas, and perhaps after relaxing, reserve a delicious dinner at the most exclusive restaurants.

To fully enjoy your destination, you can discover it from above with a helicopter or luxurious yacht, or if you want to attend a concert or sporting event, we provide ticket booking and transfer service to/from the location.

We collaborate with the best service companies through which we can satisfy every desire of yours

We take you into a world of Events

Total Fly Jet Privati Eventi

Reach the location of your event with our private jets and start enjoying the show that begins with the flight.

Thanks to the flexibility and convenience of transportation by private jet or helicopter, it will be easier and safer to participate in the events scheduled all over the world: from the most important football matches to music or film festivals, from tennis tournaments to high fashion shows.

Choose an event and we will organize your flight with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

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Customer Care Total Fly

If you are looking for a luxury travel experience, our private jet rental service is the ideal solution for you.

Contact us today to book your private jet. Our expert customer care team is available 24/7 to assist you in every phase of the booking process, ensuring you a completely exclusive private flight experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to travel in style and comfort. Contact us now for more information about our private jet rental service and to book your next flight.

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