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Private helicopter flights

A helicopter flight is an alternative to flying by private jet and provides greater flexibility and convenience.

With the helicopters at our disposal, we can offer a point-to-point transfer without necessarily going through an airport. 

The versatility of a helicopter, on short or medium haul flights, allows you to optimize your time, especially when traveling on business. 

The equipment of the most modern helicopters offers comfort and elegance even for passengers accustomed to the luxury of private jet cabins.

Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours allow you to discover the most famous and exclusive places in Italy from a privileged point of view: the sky. 
Visiting the Peninsula from the top of a helicopter allows you to see unique and enchanting views, often unreachable by land or sea. 
For art lovers, it will be a journey through Italian culture: from Venice to Florence, to Rome and Naples. From Naples you can reach the exclusive Amalfi Coast or the enchanting Capri. 
Flying over the most beautiful Italian coasts and the splendid beaches of the Costa Smeralda will make your flying experience unforgettable.

Helicopter Transfers

Helicopters can be used to arrange transfers between cities not served by airports or to and from out-of-town locations. 

For example, you can reach villas by the sea, resorts in the countryside or ski resorts.

We can organize your transfer in private or shared mode relying on the most reliable and serious operators on the market.

Special flights

The helicopter, thanks to its versatility, is the ideal means to satisfy the requests coming from the world of work, health and not only. 

We collaborate with companies that have many years of experience in providing services such as:

  • Fire fighting service
  • Transport of personnel and material on oil platforms
  • Lifting and transport of heavy loads in inaccessible areas
  • Aerial support for the mining and forestry sectors
  • Air ambulance
  • Personnel transport
  • Aerial filming 
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